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“5 stars! Highly recommend White Wolf Cesspools. Rob and his team were extremely professional and provided quality service. They replaced our cesspool line from our house to our cesspool, which had not been done correctly by the previous cesspool company we hired several years ago when we had a new cesspool installed, as they never changed the connection to our house, resulting in our line becoming crushed. I don’t anticipate having any more cesspool issues for the next 20 years or so, but if I do, the only company I will call will be White Wolf Cesspools. Thank you so much for your outstanding service!”

- Pamela P

“Since moving into my house 20 years ago, we started having to pump the original block pool and cast overflow around every 2 years.. and White Wolf was there for us. When we started having signs of a problem again, I didn’t hesitate to call Jim and his team to install a new septic system and overflow.

Jim took the time to explain how everything works, what was required, what my options were and laid everything out for me to make an informed decision.

His entire team was courteous, professional and “worked clean”… meaning my lawn was restored to a FLAT surface with screened dirt, and not left as a rocky, sandy, bumpy mess that I’ve seen at MANY other homes.

I tend to have a critical eye when work is done around my house, and I can honestly say I found their work to be excellent. I’m not in the septic business, but I can tell when someone knows what they’re doing.

Based on my experience, past and present, I would HIGHLY recommend White Wolf without hesitation. There are certainly other companies out there, but if you want up-front, honest information and a team that will make you feel like you made a good decision, then go with White Wolf!”

- Alan B

“We recently had our cesspool serviced by White Wolf. Jim and his team arrived on time. They are all very professional. They walked us through the whole process and got us pumped out quickly. Unfortunately, it’s time for us to replace the original cesspool. Jim explained what we should expect when we have the new cesspool installed giving us confidence to move forward with peace of mind.”

- Lisa C

“Excellent locally owned company run by Rob and Jim. Did a preventive septic tank/cesspool service today. All aspects were explained to me, how the septic system works and what to not do in the future. Neat job, you wouldn’t even know the ground was dug up. Highly recommend them for their service and professionalism.”

- Jim N

“I was impressed immediately. White Wolf knew their business. They filled in my old pool and installed a new double Cesspool system in a timely and efficient manner at a fair price. I would recommend them to anyone.”

- Steven B

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Tel: 631.266.9653 (WOLF)
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Hours: 6am-5pm
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